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thrilled-x asked: - thanks to you, I found my true love, which is your best homie for life, Alanny bear, ain't he so cute, me wanna squeeze his cheeks and treat him like a baby, oh my gosh, when you'll see him, please hug him so tight and don't let him go ever, he's so cute, like super cute, Mexican guys are making me into a freak, not cool, bro. & oh my gosh, we need to find you a wifey, don't want my long lost brother to be single for life, oh no, our babies need some babies to play with, you better hurry up.

But Alan is a bull 😂 and I’ve already found someone 😌




1998 Gaming Magazine

Hindsight is hilarious.

playstation: how long does it have?
into eternity and forever
Project X: is it for real?
Dreamcast: can it be stopped?
in its tracks
nintendo 64: can it survive
it could survive the seventy-fifth annual hunger games armed with nothing but a mildly rotten cantaloupe and a set of assembly instructions for an ikea desk

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omg i live here <3

Downtown Los Angeles.